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The KWHS Global Young Leaders Academy will be conducted in five sessions:

SESSION A: Saturday, June 8th - Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

SESSION C: Saturday, July 6th - Saturday, July 20th, 2019

SESSION E: Saturday, July 20th - Saturday, August 3rd, 2019

SESSION B: Saturday, June 15th - Saturday, June 29th, 2019

SESSION D: Saturday, July 13th - Saturday, July 27th, 2019

Organized by Knowledge@Wharton High School (KWHS), the Global Young Leaders Academy (GYLA) is an intensive two-week summer program for a select group of domestic (USA) and international high school students. Students must be at least 15 years of age (upon start date of the program) and in high school. The program introduces students to entrepreneurship and other business concepts, and provides cultural immersion. It features Wharton faculty presentations, in-depth learning from high school teachers in the KWHS network, residential activities, field trips, community service and relationship building with other teens. GYLA draws its content from hundreds of engaging KWHS lesson plans and online business journal articles.



Knowledge@Wharton High School (KWHS)


The mission of KWHS, a member of the Knowledge@Wharton global network, is to promote global financial literacy, entrepreneurship and leadership among high school students and educators by providing innovative educational content. KWHS publishes a free global online business journal for high school students interested in exploring all the ways that business touches their lives. In addition, KWHS creates opportunities for students and educators to explore their business-related interests both inside and outside of the classroom through lesson plans, summer programs and educational challenges.


The Wharton School


Founded in 1881 as the first collegiate business school, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is recognized globally for intellectual leadership and ongoing innovation across every major discipline of business education. With a broad global community and one of the most published business school faculties, Wharton creates economic and social value around the world. The school has 5,000 undergraduate, MBA, executive MBA and doctoral students; more than 9,000 annual participants in executive education programs; and a powerful alumni network of 93,000 graduates.



Knowledge@Wharton is the online business analysis journal of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The site, which is free, captures relevant knowledge generated at Wharton and beyond by offering articles and videos based on research, conferences, speakers, books and interviews with faculty and other experts on global business topics.


University of Pennsylvania


The University of Pennsylvania was established in 1740 by Benjamin Franklin. It is one of the eight most prestigious Ivy League schools. With a consistent Top 10 ranking in the USA, Penn's acceptance rate is as low as 9.9%. Penn has four undergraduate schools: College of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Nursing and the Wharton School.




Braingain Magazine is the event collaborator of KWHS on the Global Young Leaders Academy. Braingain Magazine provides administrative support and KWHS is wholly responsible for reviewing applications and providing all academic content for the GYLA program. BrainGain Magazine is the leading Study Abroad magazine for students, their parents, and mid-career professionals in South Asia. We are the definitive source of information for anyone interested in exploring and learning about Study Abroad opportunities outside South Asia. We provide content to guide students and their parents through the decision-making process when exploring options to study abroad. The topics covered help readers understand fields of study, admissions, financing, specific countries, regions or cities, student life, scholarships, job prospects for chosen field, socio-cultural environments, safety and visa issues. Told through lively interviews, photos, videos and podcasts, we provide an interactive platform that helps students realize their dreams.


The KWHS Global Young Leaders Academy challenges you with rigorous classroom and extracurricular activities, providing you with a multidimensional experience in learning and leadership. More than 510 students from 46 countries have already attended the program.


Financial Literacy and Business Classes

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Customer Analysis
  • Marketing
  • Case Studies and Startup Visit
  • Business Plan Simulation

Campus and American Culture Experience

  • University of Pennsylvania - Campus Tour
  • Residential Activities Organized by Current Penn Students

Interpersonal Skills for the 21st Century

  • Personal Leadership and Influence
  • Individual Goal and Organizational Capability
  • Teamwork
  • Social Responsibility
  • Public Speaking Skills

Field Trips and Excursions

  • Philadelphia City Tour
  • King of Prussia Mall
  • Six Flags Great Adventure
  • Community Service Projects


Students applying for the KWHS Global Young Leaders Academy must submit their applications online.


  1. A completed online application, including student details.
  2. High school transcript.
  3. Your essay will cover the following points in 150-200 words each:
    1. By definition, entrepreneurship is launching and running a new business. It is often both exciting and risky. What does entrepreneurship mean to you? Have you or someone you know started a business? If not, have you read about entrepreneurs who inspire you? Be sure to use examples to illustrate your answer.
    2. Describe a problem you've solved or a problem you would like to solve. Why was or is solving that problem important to you?
    3. How would your friends and teachers describe you? What experiences have you had with people who are different than you in some way?
  4. A completed and signed teacher recommendation form here or recommendation letter.
    (In case your school is emailing the recommendation letter or form directly to us, you can submit a word or PDF document stating the same in your application.)



The fee for the KWHS Global Young Leaders Academy is US $5,115 plus a refundable security deposit of US $500. The fee excludes airfare, visa costs and international travel insurance. It includes:


  • Tuition fees;
  • On-campus accommodation and most meals (Please make note that meals during travel and field trips are not included);
  • Ground transportation during the program;
  • Medical insurance during the program.
  • Please see the FAQs for terms and conditions.




"I applied for the program because Wharton is one of the most prestigious schools. Being there gave me a chance to learn about entrepreneurship, further my understanding on business and -- as I want to start my own business one day -- gain skills on innovation as well. The lectures were more in-depth than what my school taught me. In short, the program was amazing -- the school, the time management skills, the friendly and engaging professors. The fun activities also made it a great experience!" - JASON ZEYANG WANG, Overseas Family School, Singapore

"The program far exceeded my expectations. You don't know what you're applying to, you just know it's Wharton. But the experiences I had, the people I met, the lectures, the feeling of being taught by Ivy League professors -- that's what created a whole new experience. I don't think I've spent a summer more productively, a summer with such amazing people from different cultures, a summer so different. That's what made this a truly amazing experience. If I could, I would surely come back." - SRIKA RAMANI, Vidyashilp Academy, Bangalore, India

"Being a junior in high school always makes you look for opportunities that can help you decide your plan forward. Hence, I chose the program. As I'm a shy person, the classes on public speaking pushed my limits and fears and helped me become a better communicator. This program made me realize that business is what I want to take up in the future.". - LUANA OREJUELA CAVALCA, Wilbraham and Monson Academy, Wilbraham, United States

"The program was everything I expected it to be. I learnt a lot about the importance of team work. Working with people from different parts of the world, I discovered how we all have different views on different problems. I got a really enriching college life experience and it showed me what it is to be a college student." - KATHERINE FANYU ZHENG, Crofton House School, Vancouver, Canada

"In short, the experience was great and I wish the program lasted a little longer! The confidence I gained and the exposure to different aspects of a business are my biggest takeaways." - SHIVIN CHOUDHARY, Pathways School Gurgaon, India

"Living 12,000 km away from home gave me the ability and confidence to live by myself. My favorite class was the Start Up Game. I loved the chaotic atmosphere present in the room, working with people and finding the best deals. GYLA was a great insight into college life and how it feels to belong to an Ivy-League institution." - MATTHEW TRAVAGLINI, Melbourne High School, Melbourne, Australia

"It's been a blast! With my personal dedication to finance and interest in the business world, it was good to understand finally how the whole world is running after one piece of green paper and how that comes in to play. It was fun learning the behavioral analyzing side of business, which I thought was interesting. It's not always about the money and the statements, but about the people." - NUPOOR WADEKAR, Folsom, United States

"It's been great. You're placed in a friendly environment with people who have similar goals and are as motivated as you are; the experience truly becomes better." - DARIA VIKTOROVNA KONOVALOVA, International School of Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

"My experience has been absolutely amazing! I have met some of the best and brightest students around the world here. The Wharton professors are amazing -- they're so charismatic and very nice. Plus, the campus is absolutely beautiful. It was really cool to see businesses in action in real life, and it really made me want to come here. One key learning that I'm taking back from here is when one of the professors told us that, "Ideas are cheap. The ones who implement these ideas are the ones that make it." I feel like this "do it and don't just think about it" philosophy is something I really want to implement in my life." - MEGAN QIUMENG ZHU, Victoria Park CI, North York, Canada

"This program was truly eye-opening and has changed my perspective about a lot of things. I learned a great deal not only about the taught subjects, but about life skills as well. But more importantly, I learnt how to be a leader, how to be tolerant and work with different kinds of people. I learnt that hard work is the only way to success and whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right!" - NATASHA BANGA, The Shri Ram School, Moulsari Campus, New Delhi

"I feel the program enlightened me to the smaller principles of business and helped me to expand the horizons of my knowledge. The classes were enriching, and being taught by the faculty of Wharton was a lifetime experience." - MOHAMMED SALMAN MALLICK, Doon School, Azerbaijan

"I had the best time of my life, meeting people from different countries and attending amazing classes. I cannot thank Wharton enough for this experience. I learnt to really value friendship, and the importance of being together with people." - MARINA RAUTER, St. Paul's School, Sau Paulo, Brazil

"I had a very exciting time here, learned a lot and met many interesting people. I think the range of nationalities was the most extraordinary thing about the program, as I made friends in countries all over the world." - SEBASTIANO DELL AQUA, Prem Tinsulanonda International School, Milan, Italy

"I chose this program because I've always been very interested in business and economics. The program was amazing. It gave me a taste of what it would be like to study in my dream university. My favorite class was 'Introduction to Management' by Jamie Potter. I definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in business in high school for the immense multi-distinguished experience this program gives you." - SHATAKSHI DUBEY, Pathways, Noida

"The program has been really brilliant. It has been so engaging and innovative. For me, the professors were the highlight of the program. Business textbooks cannot teach you this. Seeing different perspectives by staying with people from all around the world was also very exciting. It gave a different sense of the world." - SAAGARIKA VERMA, Gems Modern Academy, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"My experience has been truly amazing. I made a lot of friends from different parts of the world. The campus was mesmerizing. Learning public speaking, teamwork and social responsibility, and personal advice by the faculty at Wharton will really help in future. It doesn't matter if you're interested in business or not, this program will give you an insight into college life at USA." - HELEN LI, Shanghai High School International Division, Shanghai, China

"I chose this program because I wanted to learn more about business. But this program taught me much more than business. I recommend this program to high school students to meet new people, learn about economics, finance and entrepreneurship. Here, I learnt skills for life." - ALEXANDRA PETROVA, American College of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

"As I always was fascinated by the idea of studying business in college, I chose this program. It's been great here. I had fears of being able to adjust and interact with new people, but I met great people from all parts of the world who were so kind to me. Even though we all belonged to different cultures, we found so many similarities. I learnt to get out of my comfort zone and made friends for life." - EZGI OKUTAN, American Robert College of Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

"I decided to go for the program because my friends were going for it. Though I was not sure of what I wanted to do in future, I still decided to go considering it was a multi-dimensional program. I loved the program so much that if given a chance, I'd definitely come back and experience it all over again." - CAN CONGER, The Koc School, Istanbul, Turkey

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